We definitely buy and spend the most in December, but in the same time its period with biggest discounts and promotions, therefore we invest and should invest in clothes. Stylists agree that following 5 pieces are worth spending money on – just because they are practical and last for a lifetime.

But who are these designers that we can trust to bring the right decision? You can find the answers in addition.

1. Coat

Good Burberry raincoat will be the piece that you will bring out of your wardrobe every year. Whether your will wear it with flat shoes or ankle boots in spring and autumn, the raincoat is definitely a piece the never goes out of style.

2. Diamond ring

Of all the jewels that exist, diamond ring is the ultimate piece of jewelry you never get bored of, always want to wear it and courageously show it, and most importantly, it’s always contemporary.

3. Classic evening bag

Because of the great variety of evening bags, everyone should invest in the right one. They are great for daily activities, but they look even better with your black dress. It will be incredibly wise and smart investment.


You surly know that Gucci flat shoes, absolutely ruled this year. This model of shoes which look definitely chic, classic and elegant at the same time, will be the real thing to invest in. You can choose a super simple model or experiment freely with different models and styles.

5. Victorian shirt

White, vintage shirt (or dress) in Victorian style, never goes out of fashion but you will have to refresh the remaining pieces wearing with it. Our favorite combination is a Victorian shirt combined with classic jeans.