5 Most visited cities in Asia that everyone should travel

Five most visited cities in Asia are: Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Seoul. Asia as a continent is so close and so far at the same time. We present you the wealth of the Orient, Asia most popular cities that everyone should travel.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In terms of flights, Kuala Lumpur is the center of connecting the East and West. It offers a lot of fun, entertainment and interesting things. The restaurants with interesting prepared food and inexpensive shopping are the main attraction in the town. The buildings found in the city are combination of the modern times and not so distant past.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is getting modernized more and more on a daily basis. It’s evident that the city is becoming more alike to western culture, renunciation its traditional characteristics. Modern technology is gaining momentum. But, intersection of the old and the new is what give this metropolitan city special charm. Bangkok is one the most visited and popular cities in the world.

Seoul, S. Korea

Seoul is named a cultural heritage by UNESCO. The main feature of this beautiful city is the temple JONGMYO. This city will definitely appeal to those who keep and like pets because here you are allowed to carry them everywhere you go, restaurants, shopping malls and shops.

Tokyo, Japan

Visiting Tokyo is like travelling to the future. This is the city of the latest inventions of modern technology. And not only that, in Tokyo you can find the latest trends in fashion and the best prepared gastronomic specialties. In the last decade, a lot of young people moved there looking for their future. City’s trademark is the cherry because in Tokyo you will find the most famous cherry orchards.

Hong Kong

Visiting Hong Kong, you will definitely feel the true spirit of the Asian continent. Its where east and west, day and night, ying and yang intertwine on a very special way. More and more people inhabit this metropolis because of easy career advance.