There are some researchers that have proven that the reason for most of the breast cancer is the underarm cosmetic products that we are using on a daily basis, because these are full of toxins that are stored in the breast tissue and may lead to cancer.

If you are going to want to reduce the risk of breast cancer, you should certainlydetox your armpits often.

The ones that we are using  every day have in them some chemicals, like propylene glycol, TEA, parabens, aluminum chlorohydrate, triclosan, etc, and some of these can mimic the estrogen and by this they will increase the risk of cancer.

There was one research that was made for breast cancer patients, and they all had concentrations of sluminum in the tissues because of the antiperspirants that they were often using.

What is more, the parabens can increase the risk of cancer, and also they are part of almost all cosmetic products and widely used.

When we use to sweat, our bodies throw out the toxins and so keep the body healthy but when we clog the pores due to the antiperspirants we are using, we make that process impossible. This being said, it is very important to detox our armpits.



  • Cilantro essential oil (5 drops)
  • Apple cider vinegar (tbsp.)
  • Bentonite clay (1 tbsp.)
  • Rosemary essential oil (3 drops)


Make a mixture of the clay, the ACV and then add the oils and so you will get a mix similar to sour cream. Place this mixture on your armpits and leave it for a few minutes. Wash well at the end and repeat this process every day, until the bad odor is gone.

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