Women have many common things, such as the pain they most often face, and the worst is the pain and cramps during menstruation.

It is difficult to find a woman who has not experienced this, and if she exists, she is probably the happiest!

Many women at least once have thought that it would be much easier if they were man so they did not have to go through these difficult days. Or at least find a way to reduce the terrible pain.

Like many other things, so for this, there are solutions that will help you at least a little to relieve pain and cramps during those days:

Warm linings

A London University scientist has proven that a 40-degree C temperature helps to relieve cramps during menstruation, caused by reduced blood flow to the organs.

Interestingly, the heat affects the same way as the drugs, it blocks the pain receptors, so take a bottle of warm water or other warm lining and place it on the stomach.

Drink tea from herbs

Herbal tea has medicinal properties and reduces pain during menstruation. According to scientists, chamomile tea has the best effect – it relieves muscle spasms, which relaxes the uterus.

Good sleep

As we all know well, sleep is crucial to good health, but falling asleep during these difficult days can be a real challenge.

Well, to make it easier to fall asleep, experts recommend that you lie in a fetal position, because it relaxes the muscles around the stomach and reduces pain.


It may sound strange, but drinking water prevents fluid retention in the body and this will help to avoid blowing. For the effect to be better, drink hot water instead of cold.

If you are not a fan of drinking water in large quantities, at least eat more fruits and vegetables, because they are rich in water.

Consume spices and herbs

According to studies, spices have proved to be very useful in dealing with pain in those days.

For example, fennel seeds are very helpful in cramping and acts just like drugs, which will relieve pain for an hour, but be careful not to consume it before bedtime, as it causes more bleeding. Ginger reduces bleeding and improves mood, and cinnamon reduces pain and helps with nausea relief.

Vitamins and minerals

Another way to get rid of menstrual pains and cramps is the vitamins and minerals. Experts recommend calcium (broccoli, almonds, yoghurt, milk), vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish oil, magnesium and vitamin E.

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