The blood type you have has an important role in terms of your overall health.

When we are talking about your health, there are some factors that are modifiable and some are not. One of those such non-modifiable factors is your blood group. Your blood group or your blood type, is actually something that you inherit from your parents and it is determined on the basis of some microscopic substances living on the surface of the red blood cells. You can feel that they have nothing to do with your health but that is actually not so true. These substances can interact with your immune system in some unique way, and therefore  affect your risk of certain diseases. In dependance of your blood type, A, B, AB, or O, you are at a higher or lower risk of some diseases.

  1. Memory

Study showed that people with AB blood type are more prone to cognitive impairment. As one study from University of Vermont found out, 82% people with this blood type are more likely to develop thinking problems that may eventually turn into dementia. And according to yet another study, some older people with AB blood type, found it difficult to remember and recall things as compared to the others.

  1. Heart disease

The types of blood may affect your risk of heart attacks and strokes as well, but this one is good news for people with O blood type. People that have this type have a 60% lower risk of heart diseases as compared to the rest. One research from the Harvard school of Public Health has revealed that people with non-O blood type are at a higher risk of heart diseases and this, however, might  be as well influenced by consumption of the right kind of foods and following a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Stomach cancer

Here we have yet another bad news for people with AB blood type. These people are at a higher risk of stomach cancer. As  a study about health ailments showed, AB blood type people have a 26% higher risk of developing this disease. H pylori is a bacteria responsible for this effect. A large proportion of the world’s population carries this in their gut, but persons with AB blood type have an extremely reactive immune system to this. This boosts their risk of stomach cancer.

  1. Ulcers

The bacteria that increases stomach cancer risk in AB blood type people also affects the risk of ulcers in people with O blood type. The substances that are found in people with this blood type modify the body’s response to the bacterium. But it is not so clear how it is done.

  1. Pancreatic cancer

Once again here are some good news for people with O blood type. These are 37% less likely to develop pancreatic cancer. The bacteria in the gut, H pylori is responsible for this effect too.

But, while keeping all this aside, you must remember that these factors are just affecting the risk to some extent. Your diet and lifestyle as well have the most important role to play.

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