This Incredible Plant Can Stop The Bleeding In Your Stomach And Prevent Cancer

In this article, we will discuss about lotus root. This one is an amazing flower with the ability to grow under water. The tuber of it sections are long and they contain plenty of air canals. It is quite an amazing plant that people in Asia have used for centuries because it contains plenty of beneficial health and nutritional benefits. The root of the lotus is crunchy with a very sweet flavor similar to water chestnut. You are allowed to consume every part of the plant without a problem to stop stomach bleeding and stomach cancer.

Nutritional profile

This root is quite full of minerals and vitamins like C, B, calcium, protein, copper, phosphorus, manganese, sodium and iron. The nutrients that this one  contains are amazing and this plant becomes a very strong remedy that you can use to treat numerous health conditions including cancer.

These are the best health benefits:

Stops intestinal bleeding and cancer

The lotus root has been used by the traditional Chinese medicine in order to stop intestinal bleeding for ages, and it is a very strong plant that will help you against the bleeding in your stomach, intestines and esophagus.

Prevents anemia which appears by heavy menstruation

In the case where heavy menstruation causes anemia, the patient should drink juice made of lotus juice for 3 days straight. The health problem will disappear very fast .

Relieves diarrhea and constipation

Lotus root juice is able to help you against diarrhea and constipation if you drink it throughout the whole day.

Boosts your energy levels

The tubers that the lotus root in itself contains can keep energy in the form of starch and carbs. According to Oriental healers, and so the juice made of this root can improve your athletic performance and also improve your levels of energy.

Treats digestive problems

Ingest  lotus root juice every day and you’ll treat many different digestive problems like colon and intestinal diseases. Include a little bit of ginger juice in it and you are going to treat the problems with your digestion very soon!

Eliminates excess mucus

The mucus that you have in your airways can be eliminated with the help of lotus root. It is abundant in vitamin C and has the ability to thin out the excess of mucus found in your lungs. The lotus root is considered to be among the most effective natural remedies against tuberculosis, asthma, cough and cold. You are going to  obtain an improved effect if you combine carrot juice with some lotus root juice!

Calms your mind and relieves anxiety

The juice that is  made of lotus root juice is full of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine). It is especially very good to help us eliminate headaches, stress, anxiety as well as improve your mood.

Treats sinusitis

This kind of root  can help you against respiratory problems and sinusitis effectively since it alleviates the accumulated mucus.

Regulates your temperature

Mix some orange juice with some lotus root and you’ll control your internal temperature because you’ll reduce fever. Yet another recipe you can try is to add some carrots and some lotus root in the bowl of chicken soup you eat hot for lunch or dinner.

How to choose the perfect lotus?

You should try  to buy a piece of lotus root that is without soft spots and blemishes and it is juicy and crunchy. This plant should be kept in plastic bags and stored in the fridge. It should be consumed in 5 days. So, this way, you are going to  prepare it for consumption: first, remove the  ends of it. After that , scrape the thin layer of its skin very gently. The  root will be obtained by slicing the plant thinly. Cut it down its length and use it raw to juice it.

You should definitely make sure to clean the lotus root very well because it might cause poisoning. This root has gravel all over it and grows in plenty of mud that can become stuck in your airways.The canals of lotus root should be cleaned well.

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