Dallas has been hit by a spate of brazen wallet thefts, targeting small businesses in the area. Recently, Dallas Press News reported on the April 22nd incident, where two dance studios were robbed, followed by another theft at Redenta’s Garden Shop.

Redenta’s Garden Shop is a well-known establishment for garden enthusiasts, which prides itself on treating its customers like family. The store fell victim to theft on April 22nd when an unidentified woman walked in and stole an employee’s wallet from the back room, which was later found to have been used for purchases of $523 and $206 at a nearby Walmart.

Similar incidents have been reported, and the police are currently investigating if they are connected crimes. Donna Murray, owner of Apex Dance and Performing Arts Studio, was burgled on April 12th, where two thieves were caught on camera rummaging through her fanny pack and stealing her wallet, which was later used for a $505 fraud notification from Walmart.

The GS Ballroom Center of Dance, owned by Shorena Gachechiladze, also experienced a wallet theft incident with the thief wearing the exact same clothes as the one who targeted the garden store. The thief claimed to be interested in dance lessons and then stole the wallet after entering the store, resulting in another $505 fraud alert from Walmart.

As an experienced writer and editor, it is essential to highlight that the targeted small businesses have expressed their frustration and disappointment with the vulnerability of small businesses to such crimes. Dawna Schmidt, the owner of Redenta’s Garden Shop, has ensured that the door remains closed to avoid similar incidents in the future. It is necessary for other small businesses to remain vigilant and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

The Dallas Police Department is taking these crimes seriously and urging everyone to be cautious, particularly small business owners, who must be extra careful. Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward and provide the necessary assistance to law enforcement agencies.