The new 2018 is on the doorstep: the excitement is in the air; it means it’s time to roll up the sleeves. Today, our do it yourself proposal consists of making ornaments that you will not only use to season the Christmas tree, but you will want to decorate the whole house. Today, we make mini-paper Christmas trees!

What do we need?

– printed paper (from old textbooks, directories, magazines, etc.)
– scissors
– paper jacks
– Christmas tree pattern (car air freshener can be useful)
– Decorative tape
– Adhesive
– Spraying hardening (believe it or not, hair spray will finish the job).ChristmasChristmasChristmas

First, crop the printed paper according to the Christmas tree pattern. Gently, start with a small amount of adhesive on the tops of the tree, and then add the decorative ribbon at the very top of the tree after you modify the coupler into the mini-hanger. If you use a ribbon, paste it instead of the expected star at the top of the tree. As an additional challenge, you can make different sizes that you can use to decorate the entire house. Finally, spray finished projects with spray to guarantee their longevity (even for the season). Is your Christmas tree located near the bookshelves? Did you place it in the home library? Perfect! You are ready to wait for the holidays in real holiday mood.