5 Early cancer signs and symptoms you shouldn't ignore and how to recognize them

Many people because of ignorance and disbelief survive heart attacks and have it “on the feet”. Your body sends clear signals about cancer, and it is up to you to recognize them. These are some unusual signs that you should not ignore because according to the World Health Organization from 1970 to 2000 the number of heart disease increased by 300 percent.

Swollen legs

The big serving of fatty foods that you had for dinner, pizza or hamburger, it does not have to be the sole reason why you feel “like a balloon.” The swollen and heavy legs can be an indicator that something is wrong with your heart. The fluid retention is a common symptom when the heart does not pump and does not process the blood properly. Before you get afraid, ask yourself why your feet are swollen and it is advisable to see a doctor if you think it does not have anything with the food you have eaten. This may be the first sign of cancer.


There are several types of headaches and not each one of it is a sign that your heart is weaker. But, if the pain is accompanied by yet another symptom such as dizziness, it may indicate an aneurysm and requires immediate medical examination.

Stomach cramps

Chest pain or uncomfortable tingling of your left hand are symptoms that are often associated with heart problems. However, doctors say that the stomach cramps can also be an indicator. Pay special attention if you experience any pain that you have never felt before. Also, an unusual pain in the upper back can indicate heart problems.


This is the hardest symptom because it can indicate a variety of problems, and perhaps you are simply sleepless. Unusual fatigue can be observed during a heart attack, just like several days before the attack, especially among women. The constant fatigue should not always be prescribed to the time, but it is advisable to contact a physician!

Faint and dizziness

If you have mild fatigue and short breath, assume it is the right time to visit a doctor. Your body sends signals that the heart is not working properly. It may be an early sign of cancer, heart or lung disease.

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