major depression, depression

Most people know the emotional symptoms of depression, but they do not know that major depression symptoms can cause physical issues. Some of these symptoms are:

Pain in the neck

If you suffer from major depression, neck pain can occur or if you have already had pains their intensity can be increased.


A headache is often a symptom in people who suffer from depression. If you have previously suffered from a migraine during the depression the situation is deteriorating.

Problems with the digestive system

You may experience nausea, have diarrhea or have symptoms of constipation.

Pain in the chest

If you feel chest pain you should visit a doctor because you may have a heart problem. But chest pain is often a symptom of depression.

Sleeping problems

People suffering from depression have trouble with sleeping. Some find it difficult to fall asleep and wake up earlier, and some sleep much more than normal.

Changes in the appetite

Some people who are depressed lose their appetite and lose weight logically. Others constantly think of food, intake a lot more carbohydrates and elevated body weight.

Fatigue, dizziness, fainting

If you are depressed, no matter how much you sleep, you still feel helpless. The changes in the appetite, sleep problems, headaches, all of that can lead to dizziness or even to fainting.

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