lake como

With its central position in Lombardy, this beautiful lake is a popular summer resort since the age of old Roman times, today known as one of the most attractive holiday destinations for the rich and famous. How lake Como is unique, witness the numerous luxury villas and homes of famous actors, businessmen, sportsmen, and other valuable buildings in its vicinity. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic, characteristic of cultural and intellectual life of Italians. Once we convinced you to head Como, in addition, you will find everything that is worth a look while you are there.

Tour with a wooden boat

Take a tour on the lake with wooden boat. This is the best way to see almost all villas as well as the historical cities that are clustered around the shores of Como.

Villa del Balbianello

First villa worth visiting is the Villa del Balbianello. Those who once set a foot here say they feel like in paradise, because the view is amazing. The gardens are what impress visitors the most.

Villa d’Este

Villa d’Este was built in 1568 and is located in Cernobbio. Formerly a hotel, in 1873 was transformed into a place for relaxing and enjoying the nice view. It has retained the original, classic look with a large terrace, swimming pool and lush garden.

Little forest island of Comacina

If you love well-known traditional recipe for coffee, tiny magical restaurants and walk around the houses of famous artists, you should visit the little forest island of Comacina.

Villa Carlotta

Also Villa Carlotta was built in the late 17th century and now is a museum where you can see many sculptures. This villa is located in Tremezzo, small city on the west shore of the lake.

Villa Melzi

Impressive view of the Villa Melzi is also another thing that you must not miss.

Duomo di Como

The city of Como is also home of the Gothic Cathedral whose construction was completed in the 1700s. This cathedral is smaller replica of Duomo di Milano, the biggest cathedral in Milan.