• This recipe is very old and transmitted for years, with generations and everyone has a praise for it. This is the best natural aphrodisiac.

Its secret is its effectiveness is in raisins, and its berries are contained with arg*nine that is essential nutrient for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This excellent recipe will dramatically increase the chances of a woman becoming pregnant, and it is all owing to the improved quality of sp*rm in men. It will also increase overall energy and the original recipe originating from India consists of raisins, a little saffron and milk.

Now follows the recipe for this natural aphrodisiac:

Take and wash 30 grams of raisins and cook them in enamel vessel with 200 ml of milk. At the end, add a little saffron. Firstly, drink this amount 3 times a day, and then increase the amount of raisins per 50 grams a day.

Soon all se*ual problems will be gone and se* desire will increase.

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