You should try this mask in order to remove the black spots, dark spots as well as the acne scars you have on your face. You will only need two ingredients, and it is to be applied only 5 days of regular use, so you should definitely try it.

This face mask not only removes the dark spots, black spots and the acne scars on your face, but also leaves an incredible glow on your skin and brightens it, removes the pigmentation and the blemishes.

Required ingredients: One potato, Half slice of lemon.

Directions: First, peel of the skin from the potato and then cut it into small pieces and put them in the blender jar. Then blend it well. After that, with the help of a strainer, strain the potato juice into a clean bowel. Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon into the bowl and mix it well.

With one cotton ball, apply the face mask all over your face, especially the affected areas and leave it for about ten minutes to dry. Wash it with water. If you wish best results, use the mask two times a day for a week.