The heart attack is everything but a simple thing. Most of us think of it as a chest pain, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and this is not something that should be ignored. Don’t put your health at risk and learn how to recognize if you had a “silent heart attack” and what is the reason for it, so that in the future you will be able to prevent it and protect yourself against a bigger heart attack.

One research that was conducted in 2016 at Harvard University have showed that 45% of the people do not feel any symptoms before having a heart attack. The silent heart attack happens more often than you ever imagined. It is quite similar to a lack of oxygen in the heart which leads to blockage. In many cases, the heart can survive this. It might be surprising, but the heart attack is much more common in women and it often leads to heart problems in the future.

Fortunately for us, today the doctors can determine if you have experienced a silent heart attack, so it is quite important to go on regular checkups. If this happens, the heart attack may leave some consequences to you, such as a chronic fatigue, shortness of breath and pain in the neck or jaw etc. There exist some risk factors to look out for, and some of them are: smoking, diabetes, heart problems in the family, thickness, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity. If you are over 35 years old, you should go to medical examinations regularly in order to determine if you are in danger.

This is the best way to know if you have already experienced it or if you are at risk of the same or greater one in the future. You will as well need to change some of the lifestyle habits so to reduce the possibility of it happening. Reduce salt intake, quit smoking and lose excess weight. Often consumption of alcohol can increase the chances of a heart attack as well.