9 Easy Stretches That Will End Your Hip and Lower Back Pain Suffering

If you are suffering from a lower back pain or hip pain, this can be due to poor posture, trigger points, sore muscles, dysfunctions or some other causes. Whatever the reasons for this pain, what you really might need is stretching, and there are many simple stretches that could possibly eliminate your lower back pain and hip pain.

Note: You have to perform these stated stretches for at least once a day, and each stretch must be help for about thirty seconds. You can be able to find out that some of these work better than others and you will just have to know which of these are the most effective ones for you. Hip and lower back pain relief will be imminent.

Child’s pose

In order to do this pose you will initially have to be on your hands and knees. Your knees shall be spread out and your feet shall be placed side by side. The hips have to be set back on your ankles. Here, you shall gradually start walking your hands out until you are totally stretched. Hold like that for about 30 seconds as you lengthen yourself.

Runner’s Lunge

Everybody knows how to lunge, although this one has a bit twist in it, and when you lunge position your foot on the outside of your hands that are positioned on the floor. Then press the hips forward and hold. Then stretch both of the sides.

Figure Twist

In order to be able to do this exercise, you have to start by laying down flat on your back and afterwards, bend your knees and spread your feet separately. Place your hands above your head and gradually only let your legs to fall on the side. After doing this to one side, switch to the other one.

lower back pain

Seated Twist

This one is very similar to the stretch as shown by the girl in the above picture, but both knees have to be bent.

Forward Fold

This fold is done exactly like what it sounds. Spread the legs and bend over up until your head and arms are touching the floor. And also bend your knees as required.

Adductor Opener

This stretch is so very simple, and all you will have to do is spread your feet and point your toes out. When you squat position your hands on your thighs and squeeze out and hold.

Supine Figure

In order to be able to do this one, you have to start by laying down flat on your back and then bend your knees and spread your feet separately. Then, bend your right leg and position it on your left thigh, and afterwards, position your hands around your left thigh and gradually pull your left thigh near you. As you are doing this, everything else from your body must continue on the floor. And you should make sure to switch sides.

Cow Face Legs

This exercise for stretching may appear to be hard, but it is not. While you are being seated, stack your knees straightly on top of each other and it is simple as that.

Happy Baby

The last one among the simple stretches is called the happy baby. Lay down on your back and take your feet up to your chest while you are taking hold of your feet. You can as well bend your legs. Then, rock back and forth at this point.

In case you are suffering from lower back or hips pain, you have to consider trying these stretches, since it can as well be your solution to your problems. Do not forget to share these beneficial stretches to your friends, as well as family so they also do not have to suffer from hip and lower back pain any longer.

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