How to get rid of skin red spots

If by chance you notice unusual skin red spots, do not worry. The phenomenon is called angioma and you can prevent its spread. In addition, read the reasons for these skin irregularities.

The causes of angioma (skin red spots)

The angioma is a small benign tumor consisting of blood vessels. There are two main reasons for its development: Age. For many people who have 30 or more years angiomas appear. In this case, they resemble as small circular cherries and they are found on the body, arms, and shoulders. These angiomas are caused by normal changes in the skin and blood vessels caused by aging. Health problems or unhealthy lifestyle. If the angioma looks like a stain vascular and starts to spread, it can be a sign of liver problems, vascular diseases or hormonal disorder.

What should you do?

If by any chance you notice that the red spots are changing in size, shape or they started to bleed, it is best to go to the doctor immediately. The angioma is usually not a reason to go to the hospital immediately but to be sure, remember to mention them the next time you go to the doctor. Also, you should prevent the emergence of skin red spots in the future. The best protection against them is a healthy lifestyle and a proper nutrition. Drink freshly squeezed juices and plenty of water, eat fresh vegetables and do not forget the health benefits of avocados and olive oil. These simple rules will help your skin to be healthy, but also to slow down the aging of the skin.

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