Why are some people unable to lose weight despite exercising and dieting?

Occasionally, people invest in workouts and diets and yet do not lose weight. Although they do not have special health problems that would prevent it. Do you know why this is so? The answer is simple – because it is beneficial to them and subconsciously they have this situation.

Read out what are the 4 psychological barriers that prevent us from losing weight:

Overweight is helpful

Yes, it is easier for many to stay overweight because they can link it as a cause of these problems:

You can not find a partner?

You can not get your dream job?

You are far from achieving your life goals?

Blaming the obesity and imperfect appearance, rather than looking for the problem deep inside you. That’s exactly why we do not lose weight, even though we are trying. Our subconscious does not allow us.

Great excuse for laziness

We all postpone some things for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next month. But people who are overweight, know how to postpone some things for the next life … when they are slim.

For them, obesity is a great excuse: “I cannot dance, I’m fat,” “When I lose weight, I will practice every day to maintain it, it’s hard for me now,” and many other similar excuses.

But, so far, we have seen many examples that have proved us that weight is not an obstacle to anything, if we have a strong desire and motive.

Well, while someone is sitting at home and says that he does not need heavy training, there are those who are trying and succeeding in their goals regardless of their weight and appearance.

Great way to attract attention

Who does not want sometimes to complain and draw attention? Well, people who are overweight do it all the time. For others to feel sorry for them, because they are supposedly rejected for appearance.

Therefore, they daily complain about how difficult it is for them to hold strict diets and have strenuous training. However, do not achieve any result, for others to encourage and complain about their “torture”.

Manner of not solving problems with “self-confidence”

Irregular self-confidence is another psychological impediment to weight loss. If one constantly talks about how much he loves his big hips and brags about the big ass, as finding excuses for obesity, then he chooses to remain as it is.

The same is true for genetic-related thoughts – “My mother was fat, and now I am, it is hereditary …” If you want to continue the family tradition, it is your choice and you do not need to torture with diets and trainings.

But scientists argue that genetics is not inevitable and that it just sets predispositions, and you can try to avoid them, if you remove such thoughts from the head that you are trying to remain as you are because of the wrong perception of self-confidence.