unhealthy habits as harmful as smoking

Non-smokers often feel safer because they have largely isolated the harmful substances from the body of smoking, but some habits, especially if they are part of our daily routine, can be equally harmful as cigarettes.

Some habits of which we are unaware of being too harmful can have a long-term damage. Some of them are sitting, but also the excessive consumption of animal protein, which means it is not good to exaggerate eating it as well as the cheese. Also, red meat, whether it is an excellent source of iron, it is often full of hormones and reduces our resistance to antibiotics.

Exaggerating with the meat and cheese

Proteins found in animal meat is often packed with hormone IGF-1, which can stimulate the growth of cancer cells. The University study of Southern California found that people who the most of the protein get from animal meat are four times more prone to dying from cancer than people who are on low protein diet.

Lack of sleep

If you sleep a little you can have high blood pressure as a consequence, obesity, stroke or heart attack. One study found that less than six hours of sleep contributes to mortality as well as the smoking.

Cook with the wrong oil

Vegetable oils have been proved the most damaging for cooking and frying because they emit dangerous carcinogenic aldehydes. These oils release polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are also found in the cigarette smoke.

You sit all day

The physical inactivity is associated with 160,000 cases of cancer of the breast, colon, prostate and lung annually. Sitting for a long period of time causes a series of health problems, even if you exercise regularly. Try to work or to walk as often as possible to stand and extend.

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